The New Jersey Center of Divine Mercy -
                            Divine Mercy Icon

In February 2012, the Divine Mercy Icon was blessed and displayed for veneration adjacent to the altar of the New JerseyCenter of Divine Mercy. This Icon is based upon a mystical promise, vision and creative execution of Center founder Paul Miller, OFS; Center director Melissa  and Chris, an area artist. In 2008, Paul was introduced to Melissa’s sister Jane,a woman suffering from a rare and incurable cancer who was seeking a miraculous healing. While the doctors were amazed that her life was dramatically extended, she and Melissa began an even more amazing spiritual journey which resulted in the conversion of their entire family, and established a life-long devotion to the Divine Mercy of Jesus. At the time of Jane’s death, her family was with her praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. In the day that followed, Melissa had a vision of Jane walking toward a beautiful image of Divine Mercy Jesus. So moved and changed by this vision, Melissa sought out Chris and asked him to re-create the vision she had seen. She chose him because months earlier, as an avowed atheist, he met with Paul and was miraculously converted by the power of the Holy Spirit. However, due to the onset of a debilitating illness, Chris was unable to re-create what she had seen. In 2008, Melissa celebrated Divine Mercy Sunday at the Center and when she arrived, she was shocked to see that the altar in the Center looked very similar to what she saw in her vision. Upon hearing her story, Paul and Father Josephat Kalema, Spiritual Directorof the Center, asked her to volunteer her time in directing the efforts of the Center and she agreed.To prepare materials for the Center, Melissa asked Chris to photograph the altar, murals and windows of the church. Suffering immensely and barely able to walk, he came and photographed the church in a wheel chair. A few months laterand nearing death, he sent her an image he digitally created from the photos. It represented exactly what she had seen in her vision. It became the image used to represent and promote the
activities at the Center. In the fall of 2009, Paul received a spiritual message that he would be receiving a miraculous image of Divine Mercy. For more than a year, Paul waited for the realization of this prophecy. And then in early 2011, it was revealed to Paul that Chris, the artist and former atheist who had nearly died a few years earlier, was going to be the creator of the miraculous image. Paul told Chris about
the message he had received, and asked that he pray about what to paint. Living in great pain and shaking from nerve damage, Chris had to velcro pencils and paint brushes to his hands in order to create various images. However, none seemed to work.
Chris continued praying and finally realized that he should paint the image he originally composed in photographs, the one which was the recreation of Melissa’s vision.
Chris, with all his disabilities, was able to paint this Icon and gifted the painting to Paul in thanksgiving for the spiritual support and healing he brought him and his family during difficult moments. It was the realization of the prophecy given to Paul in 2009.
Please join the many thousands who have venerated the Icon and have brought their private prayer intentions to Divine Mercy Jesus.
Jesus, I trust in You.